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Concrete Agaves with fruit and vegetables

Agave Blade

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Concrete agave leaves cast from a dying agave tree from The Gardener’s Healdsburg location, where you can often see these concrete casts. Can be used decoratively, as fruit bowls, bird baths, waterfalls, organic shelving hung with rope, or other ways. As the leaves decay, the impressions become more organically shaped and textured. Prices vary depending on size and rarity of the shape. Certain rarer agave shapes or sets may be more expensive. Leaves can have hangers embedded in the back.

Sizes and Pricing

  • Small: Up to 18" long $150 + $15 shipping
  • Medium: 18" to 36" long $250 + $25 shipping
  • Long: 36" to 56" $350 + $35 shipping

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