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Brown concrete side or end table with sage leaf impressions

Concrete Botanical Tables

$800 + $110 Shipping Purchase

Our concrete side tables with leaf impressions from real leaves can make a beautiful, natural addition to nearly any room or outdoor arrangement. The fossil-like leaf imprints soften the brutalist material of cement into an organic sensibility. The imprints have some texture to them, which offers visual and tactile interest, but will not interfere with glasses, vases, or anything else placed on the surface. Possible leaf impressions include artichoke, rhubarb, nasturtium, redwood, smoke bush, tobacco, and many more, although availability is highly seasonal.

We can do commissions for botanical side, end, coffee, console and dining tables, in a wide variety of colors and types of leaves.

Pieces pictured here are available now. Shipping prices are for domestic shipping only (contact for international shipping quote).

Currently available are:

Iron Oxide Protea leaf Pliny 16″ x 18″

Green and brown sage and flower Pliny 16″ x 18″

Pale green 14″ x 20″ plantain

Limestone Hoja Santa leaf 16″ x 18″

Limestone Miscanthus Grass 12″ x 20″

Potato Leaf 20″ Square x 18″ tall









Sizes and Pricing

  • 16" diameter x 18" tall $800 + $110 Shipping
  • 14" diameter x 20" tall $800 + $90 Shipping
  • 12' Diameter x 20" tall $700 + $80 Shipping
  • 20" Square x 18" tall $800 + $150 Shipping

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