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Rhubarb Vessel

Starting At $675 + $120 shipping Starting Size 18" diameter top x 18" tall

A dramatic vessel table with four red rhubarbs.

Rhubarb Scroll

Starting At $625 Starting Size 16" wide x 22" deep x 21" tall

Rust colored rhubarb on side table with height perfect for next to a couch or bed.

Persimmon and Artichoke Squares

Starting At $485 + $95 shipping Starting Size 16" square x 18" tall with Artichoke

Red or yellow artichoke 16″ squares.

Smokebush Vase

Starting At $485 + $95 shipping Starting Size 16" diameter top x 19" tall

Vase table with ocher tinge and unfilled smokebush leaf impressions.

Salt Tables

Starting At $1350 Starting Size 24" x 36" x 18" tall

Two experimental coffee tables with dramatic tops and textured bases, inspired by the local Gerstle Cove.