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Organic Pliny Side Table (Made to Order)

$875 ~16" diameter x 18"tall

These “handmade” organic concrete side tables are created without molds, resulting in a much more organic shape. They can have jute embedded in the sides or “hand-drawn” lines in the side. While fairly round, shapes are not exactly circular so rough diameters are provided. Contact for estimates of prices for custom dimensions.

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Vase & Chalice (Made to Order)

$975 + $140 shipping Chalice: 18" diameter top x 19" tall

The Chalice version of this table indents inward at the bottom like a cup. It would add a royal aura to a room of flowing wine or water. The top is slightly bigger than the Vase version of this table, and it makes a more comfortable seat with the indent as a spot to rest…

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