How to Order a Holmes Wilson Table

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1. Peruse the website for what you want or send us an email if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. See our work in stores like The Gardener and McGuire Furniture. Think about sizes, concrete colors, types of woods, and wood and steel finishes. Also consider if you want leaves in the concrete, and what kind.

2. Either fill out the contact forms on the product pages or email us directly. Please let us know where you intend the pieces to be shipped, and whether this is a commercial or residential location, because this will affect shipping costs.

3. We will review the order and discuss finishes, colors, pricing, and shipping quotes with you.

4. Once all the details have been agreed upon, we ask for a deposit of 50% of the cost (not including shipping) through a check. You may pay for 100% of the cost up front if you wish.

5. You pay the shipper directly, who will contact you when the piece is ready to deliver, except for any Agave Blades, or Pliny, Vessel,  Square, Chalice and Vase tables 20″ diameter or under, which have shipping prices listed on the product pages and will be sent via FedEx. You will pay any FedEx shipping with the deposit. If you’re ordering over two tables, we will cross-reference with our shippers to determine if we can find a cheaper shipping method than FedEx.

6. When the piece(s) are ready to ship, we will contact you and ask for the remainder of the cost.

7. The piece will be shipped to and into your home and you’ll get to enjoy your brand new furniture. Tables shipped with FedEx will arrive in boxes.