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Concrete Pillar Dining Tables (Made to Order)

$1250 32" (diameter) x 1" (thick) top on 16" (diameter) x 29" (height) base

Highly customizable mid-weight round concrete dining or coffee table tops on pillar bases, with or without impressions from real leaves, can make a natural addition to nearly any room or outdoor environment. Tops are secured to bases with velcro. Both tops and pillar bases are lightweight and easy to move. The fossil-like leaf imprints soften…

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Custom Square or Rectangular Tops (Made to Order)

$495 24" Square

Order a fully customizable square or rectangular top suitable for coffee, dining, console, or side tables. Inquire about available bases. Fully custom sizes up to 3′ x 6′, and up to 5″ thick. Choose from a large variety of leaves and colors. These tops are incredible durable and sealed with countertop-grade sealer Solid weight, but…

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Round Side Table, Stool, or Coffee Tables, ‘Pliny’ (Made to Order)

$450 + $95 shipping 12" diameter by 20" tall

These highly customizable lightweight concrete side or coffee tables or stools with leaf impressions from real leaves can make a natural addition to nearly any room or outdoor environment. The fossil-like leaf imprints soften the brutalist material of cement into an organic and rustic presence. The imprints have some texture to them, which offers visual…

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Concrete Round Coffee Table, ‘Freyja’ (Made to Order)

$800 24" Diameter by 16" Tall

These highly customizable mid-weight round concrete coffee tables with leaf impressions from real leaves can make a natural addition to nearly any room or outdoor environment. The fossil-like leaf imprints soften the brutalist material of cement into an organic and rustic presence. The imprints have some texture to them, which offers visual and tactile interest,…

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Oval Concrete Coffee Table, ‘Oasis’ (Made to Order)

$1150 + shipping 23" wide by 52" long by 18" tall

The elegant oval shape of the Oasis table combines great functionality with a calming aesthetic. Approximately 21″ at its widest point by 52″ long, it is a mid-sized coffee or cocktail table, great for indoor or outdoor settings. Available plain or with the possibility of leaf imprints.  All works have natural variations in color and…

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Cube Side Table (Made to Order)

$475 + $105 shipping 12" Square x 18" tall

These highly customizable lightweight concrete square side, end or coffee tables with leaf impressions from real leaves can add a solid presence to nearly any room or outdoor environment. The fossil-like leaf imprints soften the brutalist material of cement into an organic and rustic presence. The imprints have some texture to them, which offers visual…

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Hearths (Made to Order)

Contact for Pricing Up to 110" long, up to 26" wide

Concrete hearths can make a powerful statement beside a warming presence of a fire. They can absorb some warmth from the fire and become a pleasant surface to sit on, and act as a thermal sink to help regulate temperature. Contact for pricing for custom sizes. Available up to 110″ long.

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Rounded Rectangular Bedside or Couch Side Table, ‘Waterfall’ (Made to Order)

$1100 + shipping 16" wide x 22" deep x 21" tall

These highly customizable ‘Waterfall’ concrete side or bedside tables, plain or with leaf impressions from real leaves, can make a soft and powerful presence beside a couch, bed, bench, or on its own. The softly curving top and back sides remind us of interlocking scrolls, or a waterfall. The leaf imprints have some texture to…

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Vase & Chalice (Made to Order)

$575 + $140 shipping Chalice: 18" diameter top x 19" tall

The Chalice version of this table indents inward at the bottom like a cup. It would add a royal aura to a room of flowing wine or water. The top is slightly bigger than the Vase version of this table, and it makes a more comfortable seat with the indent as a spot to rest…

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Skye Bench (Made to Order)

$700 16" wide x 30" long x 18" tall

The Skye bench comes in 12″ wide bench or coffee table with a small profile but a large presence, or heartier 16″ by 30″ or 16″ by 60″ variations. All versions are fairly easy to move with two people because of their recessed bases (though all versions can be made without a foot for a…

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Organic Pliny Side Table (Made to Order)

$575 ~16" diameter x 18"tall

These “handmade” organic concrete side tables are created without molds, resulting in a much more organic shape. They can have jute embedded in the sides or “hand-drawn” lines in the side. While fairly round, shapes are not exactly circular so rough diameters are provided. Contact for estimates of prices for custom dimensions.

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Palm Seedpod Stump (Made to Order)

$495 + $120 Shipping ~15" diameter x 16" tall

The organic and modern Palm Seedpod side table takes its form from stitched-together pieces of palm tree seedpods. Its texture calls out for a dance of the fingers, with crevices a climber would dream of. At roughly 15″ diameter by 16″ tall, it is no mountain but nonetheless a firm presence that can occupy an…

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Diamond in the Lush (Available Now)

$2900 48" square on tilt x 30" tall

This dramatic diamond-shaped, red concrete top with several leaf impressions sits on beautiful steel square base with a faux rust patina. Base made and designed by Brad Wilson. The tilted, diamond shape may come off as aggressive, and yes, this table is not for the faint of heart, but it nonetheless remains highly functional and…

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Terracotta Oval Oasis Coffee Table (Available Now)

$1025 22" x 52" x 18"

An oval concrete coffee table in a terracotta color with dock leaves in white. This elegant shape is easy to walk around but serves the same function that a rectangular coffee table would.

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24″ Diameter Round Top with Fig Leaves (Available Now)

$395 24" x 1"

This 24″ diameter, 1″ thick top with fig leaf imprints available now. It has a lightly mottled  off white color with various reds and browns for the leaf fill. It is sealed with a countertop grade water based concrete sealer.  

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They Smell Blood (Available Now)

$850 36" Square with Cut-Off Corners

This golden-yellow 36″ square with cut off corners was inspired by those fish that swim along with sharks. The little leaves form an entourage with the larger ones. Includes Tobacco, Heracleum, Pacific Sanicle, and Geranium Leaves

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32″ Gingko Leaf Top (Available Now)

$700 32" x 1"

This white top with colorful gingko leaves in a swirling pattern will add a bright but natural pop as a coffee table, indoor or out. Available as top only, but you may inquire about potential base designs.

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Speckled 30″ Top (Available Now)

$625 30" x 1"

This mottled 30″ x 1″ top is available now. It is a mix of browns with a white base, abstractly reminiscent of fallen leaves. It is surprisingly light and sealed with a water-based, countertop grade sealer.  

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Black and Brown Drip Coffee Table (Available Now)

$875 24" diameter x 18" tall

This unusual and dramatic black and brown abstract marble-esque concrete coffee table with drip-like pattern on sides will stand out in nearly any living room or patio. Despite its intense patterns, the neutral colors offer a calming contrast. This one of a kind piece will wow and surprise your guests. It would complement a painting…

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Large Palm Seedpod Stump – Sculptural Concrete Coffee Table

$1900 ~23" diameter x 18" tall

Bring the feeling of a mountain or beachside caves into your home with a one of a kind, organic concrete coffee table molded from palm frond seedpods. It’s texture and edges offer a slight massage to the hand with no roughness. Colored with various tones of browns, greens, reds, and blues. Approximately 24″ at widest…

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Unearthed Lineage – Green Ancient Concrete Side Table

$925 + Shipping 16" diameter x 20" tall

Unearthed Lineage evokes a time and place far gone, where farmers grew vegetables in misty fields, ever prepared to fight off raiding bandits. Three round, abstract impressions are like a Celtic or Nordic shields, with grass-blade swords grown mossy. The textured surface of the top waves and wanders about like swirling fields around a peat…

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Caput Mortuum – Wine-Colored, Botanical Concrete Accent Table

$1075 + Free Shipping 14" diameter x 20" tall

Caput Mortuum is rusty velvet drapes in a mansion on mountain. Its cousin is Switchback, but Caput Mortuum is admittedly not a welcoming farmer, but more an old wine found just before becoming vinegar. A faded family crest on the bottle briefly revives their name in you. Why did they die out? You drink the…

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Switchback – Yellow and Grey Concrete Side Table with Corn Husk Impressions

$900 16" diameter x 18" tall

Switchback is a corn husk ascent into a wheat field, whirling with whimsy. Grasp the crevices and finagle your way into another mirthful land. Ho hey, says the lone farmer, let us taste bread together on this plateau. The route is bright but treacherous, may a fresh meal be a most frugal reward my traveler.

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Ares Venetian – Abstract Concrete Side Table (SOLD)

$1300 + Free Shipping 16" diameter x 18" tall

A presence both subtle and intense, Ares Venetian reminds us of Mars, Venetian plaster, and Chinese landscapes all at once. It has eyes and dripping fangs, but a soft, glowing touch. War has been fought here, and paintings made of the blood-soaked moss and trebuchet craters.

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Gerstle Bluffs – Concrete Accent Table (SOLD)

$1100 + Free Shipping 12" diameter x 20" tall

Gerstle Bluffs, inspired by the mossy and eroded rocks at Salt Point, combines a sculptural and painterly enthusiasm. But like all our work, it has taken on its own verve, become its own outcropping, a vibrant island sometimes buried under the tide. Too rocky for even kayaks, it takes a dedicated swimmer on a calm…

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Green and Brown Drip Side Table (SOLD)

$800 + $110 shipping 12" x 19"

This unusual, seaweed-esque concrete side table with drip-like pattern on sides and muddy sea top deserves a quiet nook with draping plants. The drip patterns are a unique twist on concrete design, a look and technique more commonly associated with paintings. With a combination of harder lines and “blurry” sections, this side table offers a…

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Field of Flowers – Blue, Red, and Green Concrete Accent Table (SOLD)

$1100 + Free Shipping 12" diameter x 20" tall

A joyful smattering of blue, reds, and greens collate into a lea-like abstraction. Take a Pollockian jaunt into a bloomful meadow, the larks having a lark, the bees caked with pollen, quaint Albert eating jelly at the edge. The sun is fierce on your brow but a sweat makes it pleasant in the flowers. You…

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Batholith – Dark Grey and White Abstract Accent Table (SOLD)

$1100 + Free Shipping 12" diameter x 20" tall

Batholith is an effervescent gaze into the stars, a deepseated stone protruding from a mountain. It is cold and grey here, but when the clouds part, the sky will slap you as summer heat might. It is the milky galaxy above you, though, not some meager sun. Someone, or perhaps just (just?) the wind, has…

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24″ Brown Top with Tapered Pillar Base (SOLD)

$850 + Shipping 24" diameter, 1" thick top, 20" tall

This 24″ top on a narrow base has a calming soft brown with a redwood branch impression. It sits upon a narrow, tapered base with slight texture. I recommend adhering the base to the ground, or perhaps burying it slightly like an erupting mushroom to avoid tipping.

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Corn Square – Dark Brown Concrete End Table with Textured Sides (SOLD)

$850 12" square x 20" tall

A textural small side or end table with corn husk impressions protruding from the sides. The warm dust color complements many other colors.

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Roadcut – Mottled Oval Concrete Coffee Table (SOLD)

$2700 52" long, 26" wide at widest point, 18" tall

Oval coffee table that is kind to passing knees, and surprisingly light for its size. Has mottled greens and browns on the sides, with subtle brown variations on the top along with a line-like pattern on the top visible at certain angles. Roadcuts, so often deep scars on the land, are also rife with life….

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Lichen on Mars – Red & Green Textural Concrete Stool (SOLD)

$1300 + Free Shipping 16" diameter x 18" tall

Imagine the first hairy growth of lichen, or something like it, on Mars millions of years ago. Just a stubble of life clinging to iron. Perhaps that’s all Mars ever accumulated biologically. Or maybe that lichen was far more amazing than we can even imagine

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Vertigo – Dark Grey, Rock-Like Concrete Stool (SOLD)

$1100 + Free Shipping 16" diameter x 18" tall

Vertigo is a gray play of paper bark, but don’t worry, it doesn’t bite. It was the softest bark we have ever touched. Instantiated into concrete, what an ironic fate? A vertiginous obsidian glade deep in the mountains offers brief respite for the climber. One could fashion knives from the flakes, or skate along the…

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Kloof – Rustic Botanical Concrete Side Table (SOLD)

$1300 + Free Shipping 16" diameter x 18" tall

Kloof contains impressions of corn husks, corn lily, and various abstract textures. Kloof beckons you. Towards something. A steep ravine. You fall, but are caught, perilously on a fat, rusty leaf. You clamber up into a cavern. You think you will live here now, feasting on the leaf, admiring the paintings on the wall. You…

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Whorl – Natural and Textured Concrete Coffee Table (SOLD)

$1900 20" diameter, 20" tall

The stormy forest spins and spins, wind in you throat, in your shoes. Whirl and whorl, you suddenly dance with branches, clash with trunks. You climb the split fir tree, not a smart idea but a wonderful one, and jauntily hoist yourself into a tree-top meadow, dirt and bugs and even little ponds in this…

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It Took Decades

Varies Contact for Pricing and Dimensions

This triptych by Pamela Holmes was made soon after the death of her mother and sister. It is a story of aging, growth, and the world beyond ours. The bottom work is one of communal innocence, as in childhood, or even before that. The middle work is the complexity of middle life, where things begin…

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