Going Sculptural with Palm Bark

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Palm Bark Series

For some time we have been experimenting with palm bark in side and coffee tables. We have been delighted by the results — highly textured, sculptural pieces that demand your attention, both visual and physical. We have always taken pride in our work as objects that people want to touch, and these are no exception.

palm tree with seedpods

The palm tree is iconic California, but people rarely recognize the curved bark structures that hold in their flowers and fronds. Not a leaf, not wood, not even really bark, it’s quite an unusual thing. The number of hairlike seeds these structures spew out is incredible.

Again and again, we upend our assumptions about what will and won’t work. “That’s too three-dimensional,” we so often used to say about leaves as flat as redwoods and ferns, and now we’re turning palm fronds into tables! It is not always easy to piece the palm bark or other three dimensional structures together, but we when do, the challenge is almost always worth it. We hope to continue to push the boundaries of natural materials, perhaps in combination with or entire replacement of concrete!