Handmade Concrete Furniture, Art, Sculpture

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Holmes Wilson Tables

We are a family run furniture business that makes one of a kind concrete furniture, art and sculpture. We have operated since 1995 and are located in Cazadero, Sonoma County, CA. We strive to expand the aesthetic horizons of concrete to bring form and function together in a new way.

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“All life plays variations on the same few chord changes. Each taxon improvises, following certain rules but obeying no predetermined destiny. Each responds to the riffing, comping, noodling, and vamping of those around it. Life makes itself up as it goes along. […]

How do you collaborate with Gaia if you don’t know exactly how she works, or what she wants? You do it, I think, by playing Earth Jazz. You improvise. You are flexible and responsive. You work on a small scale, and are ready to change direction at the drop of a hat. You encourage diversity, giving each player — human or nonhuman — as much room as possible to stretch out.”

-Evan Eisenberg, The Ecology of Eden