Oval Concrete Coffee Table, ‘Oasis’ (Made to Order)

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curved oval shaped concrete coffee table with pink top and brown sides

Oval Concrete Coffee Table, ‘Oasis’ (Made to Order)

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The elegant oval shape of the Oasis table combines great functionality with a calming aesthetic. Approximately 21″ at its widest point by 52″ long, it is a mid-sized coffee or cocktail table, great for indoor or outdoor settings. Available plain or with the possibility of leaf imprints.  All works have natural variations in color and design due to leaf availability, material variations, weather, and other factors. Finishes are typically matte to lightly satin. The Oasis table is surprisingly lightweight for its size at about 60 pounds, but is easiest to move with two people.

See the leaf library for more information on leaf designs. Pictured colors respectively are light brown, white, mid-brown with pink & limestone top, and mottled & variegated green and browns. See the colors page for more possibilities and information.

Sizes and Pricing

  • 23" wide by 52" long by 18" tall $1150 + shipping

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