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Starting At $400 + $80 shipping Starting Size 12" diameter by 20" tall

Many of our Pliny tables have impressions of leaves from Inula, Sage, Echium, Artichoke, Nasturtium, Heracleum, Miscanthus grass and other plants. You may request a leaf and its location on the Pliny of your choice. The spectacular detail and botanical seduction create one of a kind tables or seats. These side tables also make great seats….


Starting At $900 Starting Size 24" Diameter by 16" Tall

Freyja was the pagan goddess of fertility, love, beauty, and attraction. People prayed to her for happiness in love. Freyja would make a perfect interior or exterior coffee table or outdoor sculptural element. These tables can be moved with two people, though it is easiest with three.

Vase & Chalice

Starting At $500 + $95 shipping Starting Size Chalice: 18" diameter top x 19" tall

The Chalice version of this table indents inward at the bottom like a cup. It would add a royal aura to a room of flowing wine or water. The top is slightly bigger than the Vase table, and it makes a more comfortable seat with the indent as a spot to rest your feet. The…


Starting At $425 + $80 shipping Starting Size 12" Square x 18" tall

The versatility of our Cube tables make them a flexible solution for interior and exterior situations. They can provide a seat for one of our tables. They can stand alone as an end table, or be grouped together as a sculptural element or larger surface area. Choose between white, gray, black, or limestone colors or…


Starting At $1500 + shipping Starting Size 23" wide by 52" long by 18" tall

An oval-shaped coffee table that tapers down to the bottom. It is a grand but calming presence and reminds us of Tantric paintings. Tantra, while widely associated in the west with sexuality, has many aspects to it, including abstract tantric paintings which often feature ovals.


Starting At $650 + shipping Starting Size 16" wide x 22" deep x 21" tall

A gentle giant of a table with rounded edges, evoking a pair of interlocking scrolls. Fits nicely by a sofa.


Starting At $700 + $120 shipping Starting Size 18" diameter top, 18" tall

The confident Vessel Table makes a great garden or patio seat or table, but could make a statement as a small coffee table as well. The spherical shape makes this one of our softest tables for both the eyes and seating. The table is 18″ tall, 18″ diameter at the top and bottom, 23″ diameter…


Starting At $500 + delivery Starting Size 14" wide by 16" tall by 17" deep (base) /14" deep (seat)

A concrete throne for your royal needs. The seat is low to accommodate a 1-2″ cushion. This chair could snugly fit in a mud room, or nestle in a garden.


Starting At Varies between $450.00 and $800.00 Starting Size Contact for exact pricing for your desired shape and size

The hand built tables have unlimited dimension possibilities, giving you freedom to design any shape with a given template. Available in any size. Shown in images: 14″x18″, 16″x20″, and 16″x22″ tall.