Gerstle Bluffs – Concrete Accent Table (SOLD)

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Artistic, Natural Concrete Accent table with greens, browns, and textured pattern on the side, reminiscent of a coastal prairie

Gerstle Bluffs – Concrete Accent Table (SOLD)

$1100 + Free Shipping Purchase

Gerstle Bluffs, inspired by the mossy and eroded rocks at Salt Point, combines a sculptural and painterly enthusiasm. But like all our work, it has taken on its own verve, become its own outcropping, a vibrant island sometimes buried under the tide. Too rocky for even kayaks, it takes a dedicated swimmer on a calm day to arrive at it unscathed. The salt loving lichen is an oddity, perhaps the only of its kind, so you take leave before harming it.

Sizes and Pricing

  • 12" diameter x 20" tall $1100 + Free Shipping

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