Concrete Round Coffee Table, ‘Freyja’ (Made to Order)

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Large 40" diameter concrete coffee table with agave blade impression running through middle

Concrete Round Coffee Table, ‘Freyja’ (Made to Order)

$800 Purchase

These highly customizable mid-weight round concrete coffee tables with leaf impressions from real leaves can make a natural addition to nearly any room or outdoor environment. The fossil-like leaf imprints soften the brutalist material of cement into an organic and rustic presence. The imprints have some texture to them, which offers visual and tactile interest, but will not tip over glasses, vases, or any other tabletop items placed on the surface. All works have natural variations in color and design due to leaf availability, material variations, weather, and other factors. Finishes are typically matte to lightly satin.

Leaf Designs

Possible foliage impressions include artichoke, rhubarb, nasturtium, redwood, smoke bush, tobacco, sage, acanthus, various ferns, grass blades, corn husk, geranium, burdock, potato, echium, and many more, although availability is highly seasonal.

Leaves can be composed in various ways, whether they are draping over the top and sides, numerous or minimal, placed in a “natural” way or more designed pattern. Different varieties of leaves can be combined on a single piece. Leaves are often grouted with two or three different colors to emphasize their botanical detail. Contact for questions about leaf recommendations, availability, or for more images of particular leaf designs or more ideas. We have likely cast over 200 varieties of plants, and we continue to love to experiment with new leaves!


These Freyja tables are available in a wide variety of sizes, from 24″ diameter to 40″. The 40″ size has an inset base to aid in lifting and moving the table. All tables are hollow and made with lightweight aggregate, resulting in surprisingly light but sturdy furniture for their size and material.

Sizes and Pricing

  • 24" Diameter by 16" Tall $800
  • 24" Diameter by 18" Tall $825
  • 30" Diameter by 18" Tall $975
  • 33" Diameter by 19" Tall $1075
  • 40" Diameter by 12" Tall $1225

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