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Corn Maiden Series

Starting At $2800 Starting Size 44" x 60"

Plaster, wood, concrete, pigments. This series was influenced by Mexico and Fra Angelico.

Palm Fronds

Starting At $150 + $15 shipping Starting Size Up to 20" long

Textural impressions of palm fronds that can be used as birdbaths, fruitbowls, or just decor, indoor and out. Great for curating a small rustic display.

Agave Blade

Starting At $150 + $15 shipping Starting Size Small: Up to 18" long

Concrete agave leaves cast from a dying agave tree from The Gardener’s Healdsburg location, where you can often see these concrete casts. Can be used decoratively, as fruit bowls, bird baths, waterfalls, organic shelving hung with rope, or other ways. As the leaves decay, the impressions become more organically shaped and textured. Prices vary depending…

Botanical Panels

Starting At $700 + shipping Starting Size 24" x 36" x 1"

Thin, artistic concrete panels that hang on wall with a wire or can be requested without one for another installation method. Custom sizes available. You can choose what kind of leaves or pattern you would like. A 24 x 36″ weighs around 35 pounds.