Roadcut – Mottled Oval Concrete Coffee Table (SOLD)

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Concrete oval coffee table with mottled greens and browns o

Roadcut – Mottled Oval Concrete Coffee Table (SOLD)

$2700 Purchase

Oval coffee table that is kind to passing knees, and surprisingly light for its size. Has mottled greens and browns on the sides, with subtle brown variations on the top along with a line-like pattern on the top visible at certain angles.

Roadcuts, so often deep scars on the land, are also rife with life. Lichens and mosses and black trumpets and matsutake thrive and heal over the cut like green scabs so water does not seep out. It is a place where life and a geological history meet, layers of thousands of years of soil exposed. One particular road in Salt Point just uphill from the water tanks engendered this work.

Sizes and Pricing

  • 52" long, 26" wide at widest point, 18" tall $2700

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