Therapy of Curation

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There is a form of therapy known as Sandtray, where a person shapes and curates a small sandbox in order to plumb the non-verbal depths of the mind — or simply to play with curious objects. It is a deeply calming and ancient activity. Sand lends itself to shaping and curation due to to it’s semi-fluid and ephemeral nature. Objects can be propped up in ways that are not so easy in other situations, opening up vertical curation.

Sandtray, not to be confused with Sandplay, a more exact, Jungian therapy, can be simple or cinematic, figurative or literal, ordered or chaotic. It is a portrait that can be cleared and drawn upon again and again. One should be careful to avoid too messy of objects, but sand can be easily sifted to remove debris just as well.

Though concrete is not so workable as sand in its hardened state, we nevertheless strive for this sort of therapeutic aesthetic in all of our work. We hope our work can be make for interiors and exteriors that can be constantly curated, reorganized, to find new perspectives, new feelings of Feng shui. Curation can reminisce of Cubism, a search to see many possible perspectives of a room.